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At Technitas Pvt. Ltd. our objective is to synergize with our clients and adhere to their requirements including performing visits to their concerned sub-contractor or vendor parties either along with a client representative or on behalf of the client. Vendor visits during the fabrication of critical equipment are an essential part of quality assurance and project execution. These visits help ensure compliance with design codes, project specifications, and quality requirements. The key activities involved in vendor visits include:

Throughout the vendor visits, Technical Pvt. Ltd. will maintain open communication with the vendor, address any concerns or non-conformances promptly, and document all observations and actions taken. We realize that it is crucial to make effective vendor visits to help mitigate risks, ensure compliance with project requirements, and facilitate timely delivery of high-quality equipment for successful project execution.


➣ Ensure Design Code Compliance: Review the fabrication processes and procedures to verify compliance with the applicable design codes, such as ASME, API, or project-specific codes. Verify that the fabrication methods, material selection, and welding techniques adhere to the specified code requirements.

➣ Ensure Conformity Assessment to Project/Client Specifications: Conduct a thorough review of the fabrication activities to ensure conformity with the project's technical specifications and client requirements. Assess compliance with dimensional tolerances, material specifications, and any specific design requirements outlined in the project documentation.

➣ Review Quality Procedures and Welding Procedures: Evaluate the quality control procedures implemented by the vendor, including inspection and testing plans, non-destructive testing (NDT) methods, and acceptance criteria. Review the welding procedures, welder qualifications, and weld quality control measures to ensure compliance with project standards.

➣ Review Material Certificate Compliance: Verify that the materials used in fabrication are in-line with the specified material grades and compositions. Review the material certificates and test reports provided by the vendor to ensure traceability and compliance with project requirements.

➣ Witness Critical Stages as per Inspection Test Plan: Attend and witness critical fabrication stages, such as material cutting, fit-up, welding, heat treatment, and NDT, as specified in the inspection test plan (ITP). Document and report any non-conformances or deviations observed during these critical stages.

➣ Anticipate Slippages and Bottlenecks and Recommend Remedial Actions: Monitor the fabrication progress and identify potential slippages or bottlenecks that may impact the project schedule. Collaborate with the vendor to develop and implement remedial actions, such as resource allocation, process optimization, or temporary design modifications, to ensure smooth progress.

➣ Review of Final QA/QC Dossier Before Release for Shipment: Conduct a comprehensive review of the final quality assurance/quality control (QA/QC) dossier prepared by the vendor. Verify that all required documentation, such as material certificates, NDT reports, inspection records, and as-built drawings, are complete and accurate. Ensure that the QA/QC dossier meets the project's documentation requirements before approving the release for shipment.

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