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Technitas Pvt. Ltd. create virtual 3D models of the entire plant/facility by leveraging intelligent drawing and database connectivity software, We ensure accurate and consistent data management, efficient collaboration across disciplines, and automated generation of key deliverables, such as isometric drawings and bills of materials. This approach reduces manual effort, minimizes errors, and facilitates a more streamlined design process for small and medium-sized projects.

Modular process skids, Plants and units can be modelled using intelligent drawing and database connectivity software, covering various aspects such as piping, structural steel, equipment, process and instrumentation diagrams, automatic generation of isometrics and bill of materials, clash-free layout and routing, technical specification preparation, and the utilization of 3D models for generating 2D piping general arrangement drawings and piping isometric drawings.

➣ Piping: The software allows for the creation of intelligent 3D piping models, incorporating specifications such as pipe sizes, materials, and component details. These models are connected to a centralized database, ensuring data consistency and enabling automatic updates throughout the design process.

  ➣ Structural Steel: The software facilitates the design of structural steel elements, such as beams, columns, and bracing, using intelligent 3D modelling tools. These models can be integrated with the piping and equipment models, ensuring proper coordination and identification of potential clashes or interferences.

➣ Equipment: The software supports the modelling of various types of equipment, including vessels, tanks, columns, and heat exchangers. These equipment models can be imported or created within the software, and their connections to piping and structural elements can be established.

➣ Process and Instrumentation Diagram (P&ID): The software allows for the creation of intelligent P&IDs, which are linked to the 3D models and database. Changes made to the P&ID are automatically reflected in the 3D models, and vice versa, ensuring consistency throughout the design process.

➣ Automatic Generation of Isometrics and Bill of Materials: One of the key advantages of intelligent drawing and database connectivity software is the ability to automatically generate piping isometric drawings and bill of materials (BOM) directly from the 3D piping models. This automation significantly reduces manual effort and minimizes the potential for errors.

➣ Clash-Free Layout and Routing: The software includes powerful clash detection and resolution tools, enabling designers to identify and resolve potential clashes between piping, structural steel, and equipment models. This ensures a clash-free layout and routing, reducing rework and facilitating smoother construction and installation processes.

➣ Technical Specification Preparation: The software can be integrated with technical specification preparation tools, allowing designers to generate comprehensive technical specifications based on the project requirements and the 3D models. These specifications can include materials, dimensions, codes and standards, and other relevant information.

➣ 2D Piping General Arrangement Drawing Generation: The 3D models created within the software can be utilized to generate 2D piping general arrangement drawings. These drawings provide a top-down view of the piping layout, equipment locations, and other important details, serving as a reference for construction and installation activities.

➣ Piping Isometric Drawing Generation: In addition to automatic isometric generation from the 3D piping models, the software also provides tools for generating detailed piping isometric drawings. These drawings are essential for fabrication and installation, showing accurate dimensions, orientations, and locations of all piping components, including pipes, fittings, valves, and supports.

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