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We can provide design support to your sales team during the tendering and preconception stages of the project while pre-bidding and estimation, where the level of detail depicted in the preliminary drawings and specific deliverables may vary depending on the project scope, complexity, and industry standards. Additionally, the design process often involves iterative reviews, calculations, and coordination among various engineering disciplines to ensure compliance with codes, standards, and project specifications. Our typical pre-bid engineering services are as enlisted below: -


➣ Preparation of Plot Plan - This would include a layout of the plant area, including the arrangement of major equipment, buildings, access roads, and other facilities. It considers factors like process flow, safety distances, future expansions, and site constraints.

➣ Preparation of PFD (Process Flow Diagram) - During the tendering/ pre-bidding stage the PFD would typically represent the overall process, showing the major equipment and the flow of materials through the process units. It serves as the basis for the more detailed P&ID.

➣ P&ID (Piping and Instrumentation Diagram) -During the feed or pre-bidding stage a preliminary P&ID is prepared, where the objective is to depict the interconnection of process equipment, piping, instrumentation, and control systems.

➣ 3D Model of the Facilities - Some of our clients prefer to create a primitive 3D model of the plant to include it as a part of their technical offer because it helps them visualize their plant/facility layout during the bidding stages.

➣ 2D Piping GA (General Arrangement) Drawing: The 2D Piping GA drawing is a top-down view of the piping layout, showing the major equipment locations and process piping layout and initial scheme.

➣ Equipment Pre-Bid Design: Before finalizing equipment purchases, pre-bid designs are prepared for major equipment like storage tanks, columns, heat exchangers, pressure vessels, and rectangular tanks. These designs include detailed specifications, dimensions, and requirements to obtain accurate quotes from vendors.

➣ Electrical and Instrumentation: This aspect involves designing the electrical power distribution system, control systems, instrumentation, and automation required for the plant. It includes selecting appropriate equipment, cable routing, control panel layouts, and integrating with the process control systems.

➣ Bill of Quantities (BOQ): The BOQ serves as the basis for cost estimation, procurement, and construction planning. In most cases the Bill of Quantities would typically include a detailed list of materials, equipment, and components required for the project. Separate BOQs may be prepared for different aspects, such as:

  • Storage Tanks

  • Columns

  • Heat Exchangers

  • Pressure Vessels

  • Rectangular Tanks

  • Piping and Pipe Supports

  • Skid and Structural Access Platforms

  • Electrical and Instrumentation

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