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In Canada and USA, engineers must be licensed or registered with the provincial or territorial engineering regulatory bodies to practice professional engineering and use the P.Eng. designation.

Our Company President who is a Registered Professional engineer who offers a wide range of engineering services, through RLTech Canada including:-

➣ Registered Professional engineering services for vessels designed as per ASME SEC VIII DIV-1 & DIV- 2 Pressure Vessels

➣ Preparation / Review of UDS (User's design specification)

➣ ASME/ PED/ DOT-USA / Transport Canada – Vessels transporting dangerous/explosive material.

➣ Registration of designs and obtaining the Canadian Registration or Transport Canada Registration Numbers

➣ New Product Development, designing, building prototypes and testing them

➣ Application of finite element analysis for structural, fatigue analysis and thermal analysis

➣ Special Equipment for Cryogenic application.

➣ Special Equipment for Nuclear application

➣ FEA-CFD-Structural / Thermal and Fatigue Analysis

➣ Develop welding and brazing technologies for all metallic materials including exotic materials like the Titanium and its alloys., Inconel, Incoloys, Monels etc.

d developing technology for joining dissimilar metals

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